January 2023

Things to Not Carry Into 2023

February 2022

What Kind of God Are You Serving?

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The Grace of God

Titus 2:11-15; Eph 2:8; II Cor. 1:3 & 12:9; Psalm 63:1-5 & 55:22

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Pray With Expectations

Acts 12:1-6

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Wednesday Night Service

James 4

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January 2022

Wheat and Tares

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The Great Physician

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Seeking Gods Will

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Jonah 3

June 2021

Celebrate the New

Celebrate the New

Wednesday Night Service – Judges 13

Wednesday Night Service Judges 13

November 2018

Who Am I

“Who Am I” by Young Ladies Chorus.

August 2018


“Blameless” from by Fellowship Choir.

I Can’t Even Walk

“I Can’t Even Walk” by Fellowship Choir

I Know What Jesus Did For Me

“I Know What Jesus Did For Me” by Tracy Keenan

July 2018

All My Hope

“All My Hope” from SS&Z

He Knows My Name

“He Knows My Name”by FBC Youth Choir

Did I Mention

“Did I Mention” by FBC Youth Choir

Fix My Eyes

“Fix My Eyes” by FBC Youth Chorus

Because He Loved Me

“Because He Loved Me” by Fellowship Choir

April 2018

So You Would Know

“So You Would Know” by Fellowship Choir